Are You Being Served? Wiki

Plot Summary[]

The store is about to open and Captain Peacock realizes Mr. Spooner has not yet arrived. The sales staff consider whether he should be fired or not. The sales staff reach a compromise to temporarily demote Mr. Spooner as a disciplinary measure to lift attendant. In light of his new position, he is treated as a second class citizen by his coworkers and the Canteen Manageress.

This decision is quickly reversed upon management learning about Mr. Spooner's musical talent, seeing this as a chance for publicity for Grace Brothers. For this reason, all the sales staff, including those who voted in favour of firing Mr. Spooner, are now kissing up to him in hopes of being selected to join him in his musical career.

The sales staff rehearse singing. They do an a capella rehearsal of Chanson D'amour. Mr. Spooner has trouble with his voice, which is temporarily fixed with a spray that Mr. Humphries sprays into his mouth. Later, the department takes a photo of the group together, but this is derailed because the camera was mistakenly filled with gunpowder instead of a flash powder. The camera exploded and ended up stuck on Mr. Spooner's head.

The sales staff arrive at the recording studio ready to sing. Mr. Harman provides the producers with a backup copy in case Mr. Spooner's voice fails. Mr. Spooner, Mrs. Slocombe, Miss Brahms, and Mr. Humphries arrive on stage wearing grandiose outfits. The beginning of the song goes smoothly. Halfway into the song, Mr. Spooner's voice fails and is unable to sing. The producers play the backup recording, however a mistake causes the recording to play at double speed.


  • Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Slocombe
  • John Inman as Mr. Humphries
  • Frank Thornton as Captain Peacock
  • Wendy Richard as Miss Brahms
  • Nicholas Smith as Mr. Rumbold
  • Arthur English as Mr. Harman
  • Mike Berry as Mr. Spooner
  • Candy Davis as Miss Belfridge
  • Doremy Vernon as Canteen Manageress
  • Nick Ross as TV Presenter
  • Keith Hodiak as Seymour
  • Charles Nicklin as TV Director
  • Suzy Aitchison as Susan
  • Mary Bradley as Cleaner
  • Joan Dainty as Cleaner