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Mr. Dick Lucas
Are You Being Served?
Portrayed by Trevor Bannister
Duration 1972–1979
First appearance Are You Being Served? (1972)
Last appearance The Punch and Judy Affair (1979)
Created by Jeremy Lloyd
David Croft
Occupation Junior Menswear Assistant

Mr. James/Dick Lucas[]

Mr. Lucas (Trevor Bannister) was the 'Jack the lad' junior menswear assistant, who was nearly always late for work but always had a creative excuse. He wasn't very concerned about the pecking order, and thus made many sarcastic remarks (usually towards Mrs. Slocombe). He directed much of his amorous attention toward Miss Brahms, but only went out with her once (though nothing came of their date because "the usherette had fresh batteries in her torch"). His departure is never explained, although Captain Peacock remarked in an episode after Mr. Lucas left, in which the departments had performed no business for the day, that the last time the departments had no sale, "we fired the junior." Mr. Lucas serves as a representation of the fresh, current thinking in society against the stale, old-fashioned thinking that permeates Grace Brothers. In the season five episode where Mr. Grace decides to Americanize the store, and the staff are required to refer to each other by their first names, Mr Lucas embarrassingly reveals to his co-workers that his first name is Dick, much to the delight of Mr. Humphries. (In the season two episode The Clock, Mr Mash addresses him as Mr. James Lucas.)


Mr. Lucas began working at Grace Brothers a month before the pilot episode.

Behind the Scenes[]

Despite the character's assumed youth, Trevor Bannister was thirty-seven when the series began, approximately one year older than John Inman (Mr. Humphries).

Trevor Bannister died in April 2011, aged 76 (heart attack).