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Mr. Harman
Are You Being Served?
Portrayed by Arthur English
First appearance Top Hat and Tails
Last appearance The Pop Star
Created by Jeremy Lloyd
David Croft
Occupation Maintenance

Mr. Beverly (possibly: Harry) Harman (Arthur English) replaced Mr. Mash in Series 4 as maintenance man. He shared some traits with Mr. Mash: both were "common" sorts and union men; and like Mash he battled with Captain Peacock over his appearances on the floor during store open hours. However, he was considerably less militant and was more friendly towards the sales staff than Mr. Mash. Reciprocally, the other staff were much more accepting of him than they had been of Mr. Mash, and he frequently acted as a member of the group and not just as an antagonist.

He graciously assisted Mrs. Slocombe in the episode "The Apartment", when she was allowed to stay on the top floor of the building, by setting up various items of furniture and displays so that she could have all the creature comforts. He also masterminded the deception in "The Hold Up", dressing up as the leader of "The Gumby Gang" in order to fool the burglars who were holding Miss Brahms, Captain Peacock and Mr. Spooner hostage in Mr. Rumbold's office. Mr. Harman was last seen in "The Pop Star" (1984) which was the last episode of Are You Being Served? and therefore didn't appear in the sequel Grace and Favour.[1]

During the staff holiday to the Costa Plonka, he revealed he had booked a private suite as the Earl of Harman.[2]

While working at Grace Brothers, Mr Harman owned a male alsatian dog.[3]